kwaidan shinmimibukuro

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Tales of A Hundred Terrors New Generation Kwaidan proudly presented by kwaidan shinmimibukuro 99 non-fiction based tales that will creep fear upon you. Collect and trade backgrounds and Yokai (ghouls/ghosts/monsters...galore!) to design your personal House of Horror (Yashiki).

i-modeimode iMenu→メニューリスト→コミック/小説/写真集→小説→怪談新耳袋
EZwebEZWeb トップメニュー→カテゴリーで探す→テレビ・ラジオ・マガジン→マガジン→怪談百物語新耳袋
Yahoo!ケータイYahoo!ケータイ メニューリスト→書籍・コミック・写真集→電子書籍→怪談新耳袋
CLUB AIR-EDGECLUB AIR-EDGE 公式サイト→エンターテイメント→TV・メディア・本→本→怪談新耳袋


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Player blogs, column/entries, full data base of up to date soccer information. Enter your Locker Room to post original blogs and highlights of recent games. You become the base/provider of real-life experience for those who are unable to head over to the stadiums!

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CLUB AIR-EDGECLUB AIR-EDGE 公式サイト→趣味&スポーツ→スポーツ→サッカー→みんな@サッカー

Madame Kishi's Five Star Vennue

300JPY [w/ tax 315JPY] by Asako Kishi, Tokyo Shoseki, ELF, T2

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Japanese food/cooking journalist, Asako Kishi, appeared as one of the original judges of the original Iron Chef TV program. Here, she will share her collage of highly-selected, traditional restaurants, as well as providing periodical columns of her profession! From searching taste-bud satisfying restaurants to blogging such experiences, customers/users are allowed a wide range of freedom to enhance their high standard perspectives. The more, the better!

i-modeimode iMenu→メニューリスト→グルメ/レシピ→グルメ→>岸朝子の五つ星
EZwebEZWeb トップメニュー→カテゴリーで探す→グルメ・タウンガイド・行政→グルメ→岸朝子の五つ星
Yahoo!ケータイYahoo!ケータイ メニューリスト→交通・グルメ・旅行→グルメ→岸朝子の五つ星


300JPY [w/ tax 315JPY] by T2

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Create personal albums of your idol...your beloved pet! Once photos are uploaded, they are now available to send to friends and family as E-greeting decorations. Furthermore, the picture perfect moment will be modified to fit your mobile screen to be with you all the time!

ゲームソフト開発協力 ツキビト         


NINTENDO DS software // August 6, 2009 © SNK PLAYMORE

Why, hello...nice to meet you. I have been with you for a long time. Experience the mysterious and nostalgic story created by the unique staff line-up...yes, the puzzle-riddle-filled adventure awaits!!!

URL:*Computer compatible website available

Hirokatsu Kihara
Chief Desk staff member of Studio Ghibli. Works include My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. Now, the proud author of the shinmimibukuro novel series and planner of the Fantastic Science series.
Kazuya Suzuki
Game Creator; works include Megami Tensei and Monster Maker series.
Planned character contents for Livly Island and brought them to life through designs!
Yoshitaka Hirota
SHADOW HEARTS and many renown movie and game music producer. Mainly using tribal instruments, Hirota strums/recites mysterious sounds with a touch of fantasy.
Line Producer
James Wang
Whose works include SNK GALS FIGHTERS, SHADOW HEARTS, DQ&FF in いただきストリートSP and more! Proud to present his original, distinct style.